Kathryn Hunks

Mari Fujita Christina Gray  Jennifer Moss Fuyubi Nakamura

This is a monument to words, a playground for language, and a celebration of the spatial opportunities generated by a curated selection of words. There are many iterations of this archive, and what you see here is a just a snapshot into those possibilities.

This project uses words as a starting point for a diverse set of artifacts, each one representing a single word from either the past, the present, or the future; it intends to reinvigorate disused words, bring new life to everyday words, and to contextualize invented words that do not yet exist. Within this database of infinite possibilities, words can be revived, defined, invented, and categorized. Here, the archive is reimagined as an infinite collection of word-based spatial experiences, embodying the consistently evolving nature of language itself.

In other words, this project investigates how words can emerge spatially from the blank page. This dialogue between word and space is then taken a step further as the word-spaces are projected onto the full-scale space of a wall. This presents an opportunity for words to become active experiences, responding to the question of what happens when words are given full agency in the design process.

This archive encourages exploration; the words and their spatial compositions within it demand to be read, viewed, and interpreted at will. This is an invitation to read, to explore, and perhaps get a little lost along the way; I hope you enjoy your time here.

Arrangement of the narrative to be explored, formally know as the archive.

A selection of words: amplify, climb, erasure, stigmatypy, vortex, xeno.