Patrick Mella

Leslie Van Duzer    Laura Killam  Roger Mullin Sam Ostrow

This project is a recontextualization of the backcountry as a spiritual landscape, and the artifacts found as sacral objects and architecture. As we begin to view spirituality as this moment of comprehension upon interacting with a scale larger than ours, we can look for inspiration to how churches and temples are built, as bridges between us and what we don’t understand. Despite this, these are all just buildings, arguably very mundane objects yet sacred with their inscribed meaning and interaction. Artifacts can become so much more when given a deeper meaning as mediators between the human and the landscape.

The markers as a constellation for those who are lost or searching,
The rope as a tether between life and death,
The bench as a moment existing outside of time,
The shelter as a church in the wild.

These are all mundane objects contained that become sacred simply by interacting with us and the landscape, a sacrarium, a place where sacred objects are kept.