REROOT: To root again, or in a new place

Enhancing refugee resettlement in Canada with therapeutic and participatory landscape

Vicky Cen

Daniel Roehr Susan Herrington

The population of refugees has increased unprecedentedly around the world, while the current refugee resettlement in Canada focuses on temporary housing and financial support and is lacking care of well-being in refugees. Therefore, this project argues that landscape architecture can enhance refugee resettlement by improving the physical and mental well-being of refugees and allowing refugees to integrate with the new community. Interested in the profound and complex relationship between people and land, this project explores the positive influences of public green space on refugees.

ISSofBC Welcome Centre is one of the temporary housing accommodations for refugees in Vancouver. It is used as a pilot project site for participatory and therapeutic landscapes, creating a sense of belonging and community. It is a space for refugees to heal and express themselves. Recognizing the diverse needs of refugees, it is also significant to create an inclusive space where is flexible for solitude experience and gathering. Sustainable design gains short-term and long-term individual and social benefits and allows continuous development on site. The programs include the Food Garden, Sunken Garden, Central Plaza, Floating Deck, Culture Gallery, and two playgrounds.


REfugee Resettlement process in Canada


Concept Development


Design Proposal

Site Analysis - Sun/Shade, Wind & Drainage Study

Scenario study - Characters


Proposed sunken garden