Vinayak K. Gowda

Thena Tak    Daniel Irvine    Pera Hardy 

This thesis Dealt with how the topic of “nothing” could be experienced through the constant building and rebuilding of a space. For this, I chose the Frederic Lasserre building , and deconstructed it to such an extent that it transformed into nothing. The medium to tell this story was the reflection on the glass pane of the door of the 2nd floor of the building. The main question that this thesis dealt with was what if no problem needs to be solved since we humans have figured out a particular way of solving a particular issue which most of the time leads to another set of problems. Hence this thesis was more about the personal dive into what I thought about architecture and how my design strategy could be used to solve this so-called problem of nothing. 


objects of nothingness

The chariot of nothing